Hobby lobby fires women for having a service dog, ends up paying the price for firing women

The ADA was put into place for people with disabilities to have equal opportunity. Non-disabled people haven’t got that message yet.

One of the things that I don’t understand about some people is the lack of progression that people have. I’ll never understand why some people don’t want to make things better for people.

In Oklahoma City at Hobby Lobby, a woman was fired for having a service dog.

The equal employment opportunity commission came to the rescue of a woman who has a rescue dog as they won a lawsuit against the retailer Hobby Lobby because they fired her. After all, she had a service dog.

It makes no sense whatsoever that Hobby Lobby would not allow the woman to have a service dog because they allow customers to have animals come in but not the woman for whatever reason

Because of this decision, they will have to pay $50,000 for firing the women.

This proves that big retailers like Hobby Lobby don’t care about people with disabilities and care about their agenda.

Stories like this prove that there’s a disconnect between able-bodied people and the disabled community.


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