People with disabilities are taking over social media, Can it go too far

Social media has given people a voice, and free speech, if you will. Some people have something to say; some people want to promote themselves, and some people want to promote their products. Either way, it’s changed how we get information.

For people with disabilities, it’s given them a voice—a chance to speak out and tell their story uniquely, their way.

However, just because people have a disability doesn’t mean they aren’t human and don’t make mistakes.

A lot of people put good stuff on social media, particularly Instagram. Some people go too far, over-dramatizing things.

The bad part of social media is that you don’t know what’s real and fake. That the bad part is that it blurs the lines.

Please make no mistake about it. People with disabilities go through a lot. They are not just dealing with the disabilities themselves but dealing with ableism. People think that you can’t do something or need help from some device and that you are less than not. But to not be your true self is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

The reason social media is so popular is because of its benefits. You have a certain amount of subscribers or followers; you can make premium content or earn sponsorships. Some people get free stuff or great discounts on things if there not making money.

People, in general, should ask themselves before creating content can I add value? Do I have something legit? Will it help people.


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