How I think hospitals make their money

  • Test: to get a diagnosis, you have to get a test, what that intake, MRI, CT scan, Doppler, cat scan, X-rays and blood work. Test of that nature.
  • Hospital stays: they don’t keep people in the hospital like they used to; many hospitals are upgrading floors, making almost every room private, not to mention putting in flat-screen TVs.
  • Starbucks: many hospitals have Starbucks in them; how these are in hospitals, I have no idea.
  • Cancer treatment: unfortunately, you would think cancer treatment is big business for hospital
  • Cafeterias: people who stay at the hospital for long periods, people need to eat somehow. Some hospitals have fast-food restaurants in the hospital.
  • In patent rehab: it’s hard to get into inpatient rehab insurance-wise. It believes that there’s no set price. The word is the hospital negotiates with the insurance companies.
  • Home care agencies: a lot of hospitals have their home agency
  • Durable medical supply companies: the big hospitals have their stores where you can get equipment for medical necessities
  • Insurance companies: insurance companies have control over or at least try to have control of how hospitals make their money

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