Why paraplegics should get electric wheelchairs

There are two types of wheelchairs, manual and electric. Paralyzed people use them as a way to move around. People with quadriplegia usually use power wheelchairs to get around. Because their dexterity and coordination aren’t as good, using a power wheelchair is the best choice for mobility. People with paraplegia use manual wheelchairs because hand function is not compromised.

People with paraplegia use a manual wheelchair for decades and face wear and tear from pushing that long, which could lead to surgery and chronic pain.

Because people with paraplegia face severe damage to the shoulder and arms, using a power wheelchair would reduce the pain or, in some cases, prolong the life span.

Because people with paraplegia spend so much time in a manual wheelchair, it makes sense to use a power wheelchair later in life.

Power wheelchairs make life easier in every facet of life. They don’t just make it easier on the shoulders; power chairs help in many ways of life. You can use it to help with wounds, get up hills, and find a better way of moving.

One of the benefits of power wheelchairs is that there so advanced that you can use power wheelchairs almost as a vehicle. Granted, you want to be able to go on the freeway or even state to state, but you can go a few miles and even longer with the help of public transportation.

If people with paraplegia can improve their lives, why not get one? It could save a person’s life.

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