Do you know more than your doctor?

People with special needs need special care, which usually requires specific doctors. Not an internist, usually a surgeon.

It’s not easy to have a disability. Most people with special needs have disorders on top of having a disability leading to surgeries or procedures that require a more advanced specialist to take care of; having a surgeon is critical to a person with a disability. A surgeon could help improve or, in some cases, save a person’s life.

The one thing every person should remember, not just people with special needs, is that doctors are humans, which means they’re not always right. If you take care of a person with special needs or you’re the person with special needs, it’s essential to trust your intuition. It’s important to do what you’re comfortable with as long as it’s the right decision.

Why would a physician try talking you into something? They may think they know it all just because doctors have degrees and have gone to school for seven years. They know better than you.

There’s a reason doctors say there practicing medicine. The truth is that science is ever-evolving.

The way to fix a medical issue is to do research and trust your instincts. That doesn’t mean you don’t need a doctor; there just are not always right.


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