How to manage to rehab successfully in a nursing home

Nursing homes don’t have an excellent reputation, are all downright terrible? Answer no. But none of them are tremendousficant. Some have good care during the day but bad and sometimes awful in the evening.

Here are a few ways to ensure you can have a halfway decent experience.

Have a family member talk to the nurses, certified medical assistants, and the administrator

As a patient, put on your call light if you need help or are in desperate need of help. If you need help cleaning up, you’re in pain; you need to talk to the nurse. Don’t stop putting on your call light until you get the required help.

Let the administrator know what your problem is and solve it.

Now, if the administrator doesn’t do their job, which unfortunately happens, call the state. Know your rights. The state has a lot of power to shut down a nursing home. Usually, before the state comes to the nursing home, they will call the facility to give them a heads up. When you tell the administrator and the director of nursing that you’ve call the state, they tend to panic. It’s essential to know your rights.


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