Medical transportation for paralyzed users is a severe issue; insurance companies are to blame for the mess that is transportation for the paralyzed

When I was a kid, like any other kid, my mom drove me everywhere, from doctor appointments to practices for track and field, wheelchair basketball, and parties to family events. Still, when I reached adulthood, transportation became a more serious issue that still affects many paralyzed people who don’t drive. The more critical issue regarding transportation is getting to doctor appointments and procedures. It all has to do with medical insurance. Here are a few examples of why insurance companies are to blame for the mess that is transportation for medical appointments.

The problem with non-emergency transportation companies is that certain insurance companies don’t pay them, and when they do, it’s not enough to make a profit. Good transportation companies are out there; the good ones use the type of insurance companies that pay the transportation companies more consistently.

The first part of the problem is government funding; a lot of the spending in Federal and local government is unnecessary. The transportation companies are in charge of funding themselves, buying used vans, and spending the money to transform the vans they get into working vehicles; if they put ramps on the vans, that creates an expensive extra cost, all of this is on the owners of the transportation companies.

Medicaid is one of the worst insurance companies in terms of paying companies

Two things are wrong with Medicaid, paying transportation companies and supporting the transportation companies.

The government must pass a bill to support transportation companies, especially regarding Medicaid. Included in that bill should be making sure that these companies get paid and paid enough to turn a profit.

Taking care of transportation companies benefits not only the transportation companies but also the consumer. We all deserve better.


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