Nurses are a valuable part of making people better; why are they disrespected

Nursing is one of the most challenging jobs in healthcare. When it comes to nursing homes, a lot of them are way overworked and overloaded with patients. Some nurses, because of shortages, are forced to alternate between working the night shift and the day shift.

It’s even worst in nursing homes, where they are severely understaffed with a lot of the time, not a lot of assistance.

It’s not just a problem with nurses, it also affects the patient’s as well.

When you’re nurse has fifteen different patients and either two or sometimes one aid for twenty-five patients, it can get rough.

Another problem is the pay nurses get paid. Pilots from big airlines get paid half a million dollars, while some work for jobs to make ends meet.

It’s not easy being a nurse; the good ones are loving, caring individuals who do it to make money and care about people, and want to help people get better.

Many nurses spend years living with their parents, saving enough money to buy a house or rent an apartment. It shouldn’t be that way. Nurses should, within a year, be making enough money to move out on their own.

Nurses help patients get on the right track to recovery; for that, nurses should be rewarded.


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