Could AI be the future for hospitals, nursing Homes

AI which is short for artificial intelligence has become the new thing in technology. It’s used for blog writing and creating lifelike videos.

If you look at the videos that have been created by artificial intelligence it does a very good job of impersonating real people. Some people are worried that it might take over humans’ jobs. Some have crazy ideas that humans might just die and there just be robots taking over the earth.

There is a serious movement toward having robots in the operating room.

But what if there’s artificial intelligence technology that helps nurses? We have Hoyer lifts to assist nurses with lifting patients, and portable air mattresses to lift patients from a gurney to an operating table, why can’t there be some sort of next-level robotics to help nurses do their jobs more effectively?

Nurses and nurses’ aids are one of the hardest-working professions in the world. If you’re assigned to a floor that has a short staff, you work all day and sometimes with no breaks.

Back in the day when you needed a nurse, you would press the call button and they would call your nurse over a loudspeaker. Nowadays nurses and nurses’ aids have cell phones to communicate back and forth with one another. Some hospitals use iPhones to communicate.

What if one day there would be robots helping nurses out, they would be the new nurse’s aid.

What if they invent something to the effect where a human doesn’t need to put on a blue pad or change a sheet? How about putting on a pillowcase?

What if there is a robot that delivers medications? Could it be possible? Should it be possible?

Is AI thinkable for the medical field?

One thing is for sure technology is getting more advanced. Only time will tell.


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