My name Is John Sikon; here’s how I got my name

So, as I was born, I had a lot of complications. I was what my mom called a blue baby. What that means is that the imbilicacord was around my neck. I was told that My mom’s original doctor was on a golf course. So that made things rather interesting.

I was told I died multiple times but was brought back to life.

I was diagnosed with spina bifida. I was told that I wouldn’t live past six weeks and if I did was was going to be (in there words) retarted. Well 40 years plus I made it past that.

My grandmother is legit like my second mother. My mom’s husband at the time was not there with my mom, but my grandmother was. It turned out that her husband at the time was not my dad (which was not a bad thing).

I always knew my grandfather cared about me. He was always the for me as an adolescent. My grandpa, sister, and, once in a while, my grandmother would watch sitcoms together.

You see, the reason why I’m talking about my grandfather is that my name comes from him; his name was John Lewis Sikon. My name is John Sterling Sikon.

The name John comes from two different meanings; there’s The biblical meaning, meaning John the Baptist, and there’s John as if I need to go to the John.

I was raised a Christian. My mom and grandmother were Christians as well; as a child, I used to think as a Christian, you’re supposed to love one another. You’re supposed to help one another out. As I got older, I quickly realized what I thought was a Christian and what a Christian was, were two different things.

My grandfather believed in God but didn’t go to church. My grandmother went almost every Sunday. For the most part, I thought church was boring and the people there were weird.

My grandfather meant the whole world to me. Seeing how my biological father didn’t raise me and wasn’t a part of my life, my grandfather was my father figure.

I want to talk about religion more profoundly. So, as I see Christianity, I feel like people use it as an excuse for dumb mistakes. If you get dipped in the water, you’re suddenly forgiven for every stupid thing you’ve done. My grandfather didn’t believe in that; neither have I.

You see, my grandfather sometimes tried things to make my life better. He wasn’t a perfect man, but he, at times, made sure to let me know that he loved me. He’s the only person that made me feel loved. No other person has ever made me feel that way more than my grandfather, John Lewis Sikon.


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