Is working out necessary for my physical health, or does it help my mental health?

Do you ever go to a gym and see a guy with huge muscles or in his element, in his world, while working out, just minding his own business?

I can’t lie to you when I see a guy with huge muscles; I can’t help but think that unnecessary to have that much power.

I used to work in a gym. I would see all types of people. Some people were just grateful to work out; It became a spiritual experience.

As a person with a disability, I did therapy on and off for various reasons. There were times when I had surgery, and I had to have treatment to get my strength back physically and mentally.

The role of a  physical or occupational therapist is to help people get back to a good place mentally as well as physically. But if you are not right mentally, you’ll never get right physically.

The therapist will tell you to work out every day. But that takes a disciplined person to do that. Humans are creatures of habit. Not everybody can get into a healthy state of mind.

One of the big myths about working out is that you have to work out with a lot of weight. That’s not true at all. I’m not saying always to use 5 lb weights. However, you don’t need to lift an ungodly amount. It’s all about pacing yourself and feeling good mentally so you can feel good physically.

People with disabilities need to work out, but it’s also essential to be in a good place mentally; if you can work out every day, then more power to you; however, you don’t need to lift a 100Ib to be at your best.

Lift what you can lift but also be careful of how much you lift. It’s like that old saying less is more. If you feel pain, stop using less weight to feel resistants but not pain.

If you have a disability or are disabled and are able to lift weights or ride the treadmill then you should give it a try.

You don’t have to work out at a gym. You can buy weights online on eBay or Amazon, or any store. It doesn’t cost a lot to get workout equipment.

I wouldn’t say I like that saying any pain, no gain. You don’t have to be in pain to have a good workout; however, getting tired isn’t a bad thing either.


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