A wheelchair basketball team, Syracuse Flyers, had $15000 worth of wheelchair basketball chairs stolen back in February; media is just now talking about it in April

The Syracuse flyers play out of Syracuse, New York had 15 wheelchairs stolen from them in February, and the story broke today, April 3. The thefts destroyed $15000 worth of damages. The team can’t pay to get other equipment because the team’s budget is only $25000.

It’s not like the NBA, where you get multi-million dollar sponsorships.

The Syracuse flyers play in the NWBA(the national wheelchair basketball Association), which the NCAA runs.

The NBA does sponsor some teams in the NWBA. However, many teams often have to fend for themselves.

Teams do have a fundraiser. However, more help is needed.

Another incident happened in California where a teen girl with brittle bone disease had her electric wheelchair stolen off her porch. Her mom found parts of the joystick on the freeway. The teen is a senior in high school.

These wheelchairs cost a lot of money. It costs a lot of money to be paralyzed, period. The more accessories on a wheelchair, the more it drives up the cost, costing thousands of dollars.

Regarding the Syracuse flyers, coverage of the incident should have been aware sooner. However, the team could have just told the media about the incident, which was not disclosed.

If the media did know about the incident in February, then they should have reported it in February.


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