Why is flying the least accessible form of transportation? Why is nothing being done to fix it

We have accessible bathrooms, accessible buses, accessible doors, and accessible vehicles. So why is flying not accessible?

It doesn’t make any sense; fly has been around 1914. You would think within 109 years, they would make at least some modifications.

This is where the lawmakers in Washington need to step up and improve there are airlines. It’s not just an overdue problem; it should have been resolved a long time previously.

There have been many instances where electric wheelchair users have had their electric wheelchairs permanently damaged. Just this past week, while using air Canada airlines, a kid with Duchesne muscular dystrophy couldn’t get his wheelchair on the plane because they refused to store it the way his mom set it up a long time ago. Months ago, a lady crawled to her seat because they would charge her to use a cart to reach her assigned seat; the incident was caught on video. I know I wouldn’t say I like crawling on the floor.

Another factor in flying for paralyzed users, it isn’t very comfortable. When getting to your seat on the plane, you must sit on a cart bench and be carted off. And if you’re not skinny, you have to be carted off to your seat in tight corners, that is, if you are not in first class.

What is mind-blowing about airlines is that they make a lot of money. Pilots make a great deal of money; captains make even more money. I know firsthand because my uncle is a captain of a significant airline.

Southwest made a record $23.8 billion in 2022. Air Canada made $16.6 billion in 2022. Spirit airlines made a modest 1,391.3 million dollars in total revenue.

When is flying going to be accessible for paralyzed passengers? Will the ADA be rewritten again? I wonder if I will ever see an improvement in my lifetime. I’m not going to hold my breath, though.


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