How botox changed my life, why it’s the best treatment for incontinence

I’m writing this as a person who isn’t a urologist but as a person who has bladder incontinence; I’ve done my research. Plus, I just got to do what I’m comfortable with. That’s why I get botox treatments for my bladder.

Before I did botox, I had four surgeries to try and fix my embarrassing problem. It only fixed the problem temporarily.

Every medication I took made my mouth dry and had problematic side effects.

When I was 35 years old, I found out about botox ejections. So I looked into it on YouTube and watched videos of other people who have had injections and they all had good things to say about it. It turns out they were right.

Is botox perfect? No, it’s not, but it does work.

When I first got botox every morning, I had to urinate, but that went away. All my other treatments didn’t have that effect, but it still worked.

The way botox works is that it expands the bladder. The bigger the bladder, the more urine it can hold, the more it can hold, and the better the chance of being kept dry or at least reducing the amount a person leaks. Studies have shown that it’s 60% to 90% effective, making it one of the best treatments for incontinence.

I’m not telling anybody to do anything; I want to share my experience in the hope of helping somebody going through incontinence. If I can help one person then I’ve done something.


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