In tough times in Ukraine, where war ravishes the country, let’s not forget about disabled people affected by war

As a person with a physical disability and middle age, it’s been a long rough road. Dealing with the disability and what comes with it is sometimes hard. But when you consider what goes on in other countries around the world or just the more severe disabilities that are out there, life isn’t as difficult as people with intellectual disabilities go through.

I just read a CNN article about people with disabilities and how it’s affecting them, and wow, it made me think how lucky I am to live in a country where I don’t need to worry as much.

Don’t get me wrong, the united states of America need to treat people with disabilities better than it does now; nonetheless, people with disabilities have it better then other countries but way better then what it used to be in earlier days in this country.

People with intellectual disabilities are almost being treated like animals.

Because of the war, people with disabilities are being misplaced, and their family members must make tough decisions.

Because of the grave damage that the war has done to the country’s people, the health system has a heavy burden on its hands. Because of the damage and destruction, resources have been compromised.

I read about a disabled man having to sleep where it smells like cigarette butts.

I can’t help but think millions of dollars in military assistance has been poured in by the US and millions of dollars have been raised to support the people in Ukraine.

I wish more attention had been made to people with disabilities.

When I say that, I mean everything. I’m talking about flying, education, work programs, sports, or even how disabled people are being treated, not just by non-disabled people but the way people treat other people with disabilities.

I may have gotten a little off track, but my questions are, should the US help Ukrainians with disabilies? Is it our place to help in the first place?

I hate to say it we live in a world where not many people care about disabled people. And if they care, they feel guilty about doing something about it.


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