Activities,hotel chains face off in the supreme court over accessibility; who’s right?

Activist Deborah Laufer has filed multiple lawsuits with the Supreme Court.

Some hotels are fighting against Laufer.

The hotel’s argument is that because Laufer doesn’t have the right to sue because she doesn’t have intent to stay in the hotel so she doesn’t have the right to sue in the first place.

Are activists right to sue if their intent was not to use the survive in the first place?

Do establishments or businesses have a point when they are not known for good disability practices?

Should activists sue for something they aren’t going to use? Do they have a point?

Hotels should disclose if they have handicapped-accessible rooms. I’ll go even further and say it should be the law for every hotel to have accessibility for people with disabilities.

Again should we have activists and non-disabled people fight for disabled people fight for them when something hasn’t happened yet?

The Supreme Court will hear arguments about the case in October.


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