Deaf student in Michigan gets okay from the Supreme Court to sue Michigan school system over failure to assist in school

A lot of the time, people with disabilites get left behind and forgotten about, and quite frankly, not a lot of people care about what people with disabilities have to go through.

On Tuesday, Miguel Luna Perez scored one for the good guys.

Miguel Luna Perez how Perez, under law, is entitled to have aids help him get through school; however, the school district failed to meet that requirement, and there were times Miguel’s help would be a no show.

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA for short), it is required by law that special needs kids get the extra help that they need

What we have here is a problem. A failure of epic proportion of the education system

There are a few factors why this is a problem.

A lot of people are very ignorant of people with special needs. Also, there not seen as a priority, so there forget about it.

Instead of pushing kids to be the best they can be there given what, in the eyes of other people’s opinion, they can handle.

What’s sad is that there aren’t a lot of people who want to help people with disabilities. Everything that has to do with disabilities plus funding is well short of what it should be.

He was getting back to Miguel’s case. What is incompetent is that his help was stupid on the school district’s part. His aids assigned to him didn’t have training in sign language, and the service they gave him to didn’t always show up.

Despite not having the proper help, he still got A’s and B’s.

Although he got Ace and B’s in his classes, the school told his parents that he would not be getting a diploma which then caused the parent’s school to sue the school district

They put this kid through a lot of unnecessary bullshit.

Where the Supreme Court came in is that Perez wanted compensation for loss of income and emotional distress. In a Supreme Court ruling, Justice Neil Gorsuch ruled in his favor.

This is a real victory for people with disabilities.

I can’t help to think when can people with disabilities get what they’re entitled to have and not get screwed anymore.

Content from NPR was used to write this blog.


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