If a person doesn’t want to work, Society should let them be; here’s why

Life is hard. The thing about life is that it doesn’t exclude anybody. Rather you are white, black, brown disabled, or non-disabled, life is unfair.

For some people born with a disability, it can be exhausting mentally and physically.

Rather you’re going to the hospital all the time, dealing with other people’s ignorance. Just trying to got buy in school is just hard.

Trying to get a job as a person with a disability is challenging. Job work shops are not ideal for a high functioning person with a disability. One of The frustrating parts about trying to get a job when you have a disability is when you have a disability your high functioning but you have developmental problems. It just complicates things.

Sure, there are social media sites out there that help you make money, but that takes time. And there’s no guarantee that anybody can make it.

There are people with disabilities that do have jobs but have little to no cognitive issues, which can affect a person’s ability to find employment and keep them not a good combination.

Sure, we all should try our best in life, but sometimes, especially when it comes to people with disabilities, you must keep trying and trying and trying. It just gets to be too much for one person to deal with.

Non-disabled people can be assholes, sure, but it also falls on the disabled community to improve and try to be the best they can be.

If you know a person with a disability and there on social security, you don’t have a job. Don’t automatically assume they are just like that free money, as they call it. Consider what it’s like for somebody to have a disability.

Nobody should ever feel sorry for somebody with a disability, nor should somebody should my them feel like shit.

I’m saying this as a high-functioning person with a disability with developmental issues. It hasn’t been easy at all. However, I don’t feel sorry for myself.

Life is hard as long as you’re not hurting anybody and live life how you want to.


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