St. Louis region’s public transportation to make cuts of there call a ride service

St Louis public transit agency is cutting funding for its service dial a ride in, which people with disabilities count on for transportation

According to the report, Disability rights advocate groups are calling it cruel because it puts people with disabilities at a disadvantage.

The service is not perfect, however making cuts to services like this one is detrimental to people with disabilies who do not drive.

These cuts are because of staffing issues, which is often the problem when it comes to issues surrounding people with disabilities.

Cutting like these affects the lives of people with disabilities as it can change a person’s livelihood just by having to do the activities of daily living. They say 40% of the position is unfulfilled.

They have had problems fulfilling ride requests as in Just January alone, as 18,000 out of 47,000 requested rides were not fulfilled, presumably because they didn’t have enough staff.

This is a problem not only in St Louis but around the country.

Information from and Missouri independent was used in this blog post.


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