In a report by Disability Scoop, QVC to start selling disability products

The blog reported on Friday the home shopping network QVC would start selling products and hand a show dedicated to disability products. In addition to QVC selling products, they will have a TV Show devoted to accessible products called accessible living.

This news is a game changer because it’s on TV and not just products sold online.

QVC will have a category on its website called Accessibility & adaptive.

QVC is also working with actress Selma Blair who has multiple sclerosis. They are also working with Maura Horton founder of MagnaReady.

According to QVC, they plan on doing it long-term.

There are companies out there that do sell products, like eBay and Amazon, but they don’t have products being promoted on live TV.

Could other companies fall in line and start selling their adaptive equipment? Could one day, companies that sell advertise the different types of wheelchairs?

This is way overdue. Taking steps like this shows how far we have come to include people with disabilities and the products that help them.


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