Leaders in Washington are introducing a bill to help people with disabilities have improved services

Lawmakers have introduced a bill that would help in-home services like caregiver services be a mandatory Medicaid benefit.

From what I read in the story, it seems that not just people with disabilities would benefit but caregivers as well.

From what I could tell from the proposed bill, it could mean an increase in wages for caregivers, right now the compensation for caregivers is around $10 an hour.

For a long time now there has been a shortage of caregivers, mainly because the economy is getting better or they retire and quitting.

Part of the problem is the quality of the caregiver. The lower the salary, the worst the caregiver can be.

If this bill passes into law, this could be a breakthrough for people with disabilities.

Most services for people with disabilities have either been discontinued denied services.

Disabilityscoop.com brock this story.


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