Smart devices are essential for people with disabilities who want to live on their own

In star track, whenever they wanted something, they would say computer to give them coordinates or if it had something to do with intelligence. And even if they wanted the lights turned on at night, they had to provide a command to make it happen.

Today smart devices are star track-ish. They have become what some movies and TV shows were back in the day.

Smart devices have improved every bodies life, making it easy to do everything.

People with disabilities have benefited the most from the smart devices that Apple, Amazon, and Google invented.

Smart devices are a game changer for people with disabilities. It is a must-have for a person with a disability. It makes life so much easier.

Think that to have a smartwatch and a smartphone, in some cases, you don’t need your phone to make or answer a phone call. Just bring your smartwatch and leave your phone at home. What’s great about these devices is that more and more are becoming disability friendly.

Technology has become a person with a disability’s best friend.

As a person with a disability who also lives on their own, I find smart devices to be a game changer. Not worrying about reaching over and knocking something over to turn off a light is a great thing to have.

Some would say smart devices are making people stupid, which is true, but not for everyone. Some people now use smart devices as part of their lives.

To be able to check the weather without having to wait for the news, to be able to turn on and off a light without using your hands, is an incredible thing to have at your disposal.

In closing, smart devices are a must-have for the disabled community.


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