When people with disabilities stop being polite and start getting real

When I was in elementary, a new type of show came on television. It was called the real world, where a bunch of random people from around the country got together and lived either in an apartment or a house. They had to do these challenges and coexist with each other for approximately a few months. After a while, they got on each other’s nerves, or they started talking their minds. That show was called the real world, which opened up a new type of show called reality TV which is more popular today than at any other time on television.

The reason why I bring up the real world is that people with disabilities tend to be too polite and not stick up for what they believe in and what should be fair and just. We have a lot of ableism going on in the world that’s unfair, and the only people that can hold the abled body people accountable are people with disabilities, but they can’t do it themselves. They have to find people to care enough. For things to be changed

There is another issue within the disabled community that people who are not born with a disability and who got disabled from an accident can’t understand what it’s like to have been born with a disability and to have gone through what it’s like to have a disability. Some people might be reading this and saying well, isn’t that the same thing to do with this ability and disabled? No, it’s not by a long shot; you can be disabled and commit ableism. It’s just really Human Nature it shouldn’t happen, but it does

The sad truth about people with disabilities and the disabled is that people with disabilities often don’t have privileges as disabled people. They weren’t born with a disability, so they can’t understand what a person born with a disability is going through, especially if that person has a learning disability. It’s a problem in society, not a big one, but it is an issue.

Some people talk about friendships, but the hard truth about friends is that they won’t always be there. You have to stick up for yourself, which brings me to my other point, which is polite being polite isn’t always going to get you what you need. You have to be nasty sometimes to get what you want and to survive in the world as a person with a disability. That’s just how it is.

Who knows, maybe in the end, somebody will respect you, but at the end of the day, a little nastiness won’t hurt.


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