Should we teach every kid about people with special needs in school? Would it help

People without special needs have elective classes about cooking, working shop, art, newspapers, and television. When it comes to people with special needs, they don’t have a lesson about laundry; what a best friend is, are kids with special needs learning something by having classes about laundry?

I would say there needs to have a change. People with disabilities are often forgotten about or thrown to the side. Part of that is because the disabled community is small. However, there’s another element to the conversation. Why not? In junior high school and high school, we have classes about the different types of disabilities.

When it comes to workshops, why not have people work on wheelchairs? It fulls in line with tools and mechanical things. The more we teach kids at a early age what disabilities are and how they affect them, the more understanding they might get.

Many times, people with disabilities are getting picked on way too much.

These classes in school could be valuable for the non-disabled-led person to educate about disabilities.

Are they going to change every kid? Probably not. But if you can change at least a hand full of kids’ minds in a small way, you’re making the world a better place.


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