Should we be afraid of Republicans, is social security safe

I watch the news and think to myself, why do we keep electing these fools? Also, why does the media always talk about American families? Why doesn’t anyone, whether a politician or part of the press, ever talk about issues for people with disabilities?

I can’t help to hear about how Republican Congress people want to cut into Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, something that people like me, a person with a disability, rely on to live everyday life. Let me be clear I’m not saying that I’m proud and happy to be on social security, nor am I boasting that I’m on an HMO. However, I wouldn’t say I like the one thing that helps me live independently.

I got to tell you I’m tired of being part of the population that nobody cares about. To be blunt, people with disabilities are forgotten.

One of the things I dislike the most about humans is the guilt that happens within people. If a person feels guilty enough about someone with a disability, they’ll stop talking to you because they don’t now what to say. For the life of me, ill never understand how someone can fall in love with an alcoholic but want to call or hang out with somebody with a disability.

Saying all this makes me wonder what the future is for people with disabilites. Will people in Washington take everything away from people with disabilites?


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