Comedian Josh Blue tells the truth through his jokes; the disability community needs to know we all need to laugh

Everybody knows life is hard. I don’t care who you are. Nobody has a perfect life. And if you do have an ideal life, chances are you are making someone else miserable so that person can have a perfect life. However, that’s not the only reason somebody makes other people happy. Some people like to see other people happy. That’s just how life goes.

Everybody has there own way of dealing with the stress, the crap of just living in this world. As I was growing up I watch a lot of comedy. As a matter of fact my hole life I’ve always loved comedy. I believe and always have believed that comedy is the best medicain for somebody how isn’t happy. Comdeian Josh blue who has a disability himself is a stand up comedian how is leading the way for people with disabilites through his jokes.

The sad thing about blues comedy routine is that there is not only a joke but, in a weird, he’s telling the truth. The problem with people is that they listen to his jokes and think this is a poor man with a disability, while others take the mark for what is a joke. Nothing more, nothing less.

The one thing we all can take away from Josh Blue is that non-disabled people need to stop treating people with disabilities like there are some charity cases.

Life is hard for all walks of life. Why not just try and laugh now and then? Rather anyone likes it or not, we all could use a good laugh.


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