What if NBA players wore wheelchair basketball gear

For years women’s basketball players have been complaining for year’s about how women basketball players have been disrespected, then the WNBA happened, and they still complained.

Women basketball players are always saying they’re disrespected, and then the NBA players started supporting them.

NBA players started going to games and posting on social media wearing WNBA gear.

I always wonder about the sincerity of the NBA players. Are they doing it to be nice because they have daughters, or are they true WNBA fans?

NBA players have helped grow the game by posting on social media and attending games.

All of this brings me back to my next part. Why don’t wheelchair basketball players get the same amount of respect? Sure, there are not a lot of people going to wheelchair basketball games. But there’s sure not any NBA or WNBA players, for that matter, going to wheelchair basketball games.

Wheelchair basketball players have been disrespected for decades. It’s a massive problem in Society.

Right now, to be a successful wheelchair basketball player and make a living off it, you must go to a different country because of a lack of support.

The only way wheelchair basketball can grow in the States is if NBA and WNBA players come together and support the great wheelchair basketball players out there.

One thing that no one talks about it may be harsh, but it’s the truth is that WNBA players will reach what NBA players can reach physically. I’m not saying that to hate women; I’m saying that because it’s science. Will wheelchair basketball athletes ever do what NBA players have reached physically? No, it’s impossible, but if we can have NBA and WNBA players supporting each other, why can’t wheelchair basketball athletes be treated equally? Will they ever care?


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