Utah Disability activist Steve Mikita dead at age 67

Mikita was a Lawyer working in Utah attorney general office for 39 years.

Mikita had spinal muscular Atrophy, a disability that weakens the muscles.

Now, I don’t know much about him, mainly because I live in Michigan, but it got me thinking; man, has it been a tough week, first the death of the best advocate for people with disabilities and a pioneer, but now we lose a local pioneer in Steve Mikita.

So, I’m spitballing here, but man, as I’m writing this and it’s only Tuesday, we’ve already lost two giants in the disability community. What a gloomy week already.

One good thing about the world we’re living in today is that people have a voice because of social media platforms. They can use their platforms to spread the word and possibly make a change. What Judy Heumann, Steve Mikita, and others have done has slowly but surely are changing what disability is and means.

So, the bottom line is disabled people aren’t going away anytime soon so let’s embrace the continued movement.


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