What society can learn from Judy Heumann

It’s been reported that disability icon Judy Heumann passed away Saturday. Hermann spent her entire life fighting for people with disabilities.

It started her wanting to be a teacher when she was denied; she fought to become one. She fought the government every step of the way. She worked for two presidents. Her life’s work didn’t go unnoticed.

It’s time that the disabled community is pathing the way for future generations of disabled people. It may not be to the extent that Hermann did, but we still can make a difference, whether it be small or big we can change things if we fight for what we believe in.

Realistically we can’t change everything, at least not all at once, but we can tackle one thing at a time and accomplish something if we push hard enough by pushing for more and knowing our rights.

If somehow, someday, we all pull together, we can change the world one issue at a time.

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