If you’re not driving your electric wheelchair like a Cadilac your wasting your wheelchair

For 35 years I used a manual wheelchair and then when I turned 39 the manual chair that I was using was kinda falling apart and I was up for a new wheelchair anyways.

I was looking to get another manual wheelchair but as I got closer to picking out a new wheelchair I kept seeing videos relating to electric wheelchairs. So I’m getting fitted for a new wheelchair and the sales guy asked me to have you think of getting an electric wheelchair. I said yes.

So after getting evaluated for a wheelchair I thought about it that weekend and by Monday I called the sales rep and told him that I wanted to get an electric wheelchair. I even found what wheelchair I wanted.

Six weeks later I got my wheelchair and never looked back.

Having an electric wheelchair is one of the best things to ever happen in my life.

When I had a gym membership I would drive my wheelchair there, I also drive my wheelchair to go shopping. I even went to a few high school football games.

I want to start using it with public transportation(which I will).

Electric wheelchairs are so cool these days (as far as the technology) it is a waste to not take advantage of the technology.

Electric wheelchairs are almost made like vehicles.

I’ll just say it today’s electric wheelchairs are meant to drive. If you’re not using your electric wheelchair to go out in your community your not enjoying your wheelchair properly.

The way I look at things is that people with disabilities have a lot to deal with why not when you find something to enjoy you should use it.


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